Foto Trocha was established in 1936 by Pawel and Jadwiga Trocha. Today, Weronika along with her brother Pawel and his wife Meagan are continuing over 70 year old tradition by combining their strengths and efforts in creating a new, more contemporary image with it's roots in tradition. Each of them brings a wealth of experience, contributing their own unique perspective.

I always try to approach everyone very individually. I like being with clients and the connection we have during the photo session. I find the biggest challenge as well as satisfaction in photographing kids.

Weronika Trocha-Krutak.

What I enjoy the most in photography is the process itself, whether it's shooting objects of nature or citi and architecture. It's like a meditation, tunning up to what's around me and becoming a sort of transitor and the camera is my recorder. Shooting people is a bit different though, based rather on tension and battle to overcome it.

Paweł Trocha.

„…For me, it’s about capturing and preserving a fleeting moment as it occurs naturally. Living in the moment and preserving it for a lifetime. That’s the challenge that keeps me striving.”

Meg Harvey-Trocha.